Some of you may be wondering: What is that? 🤔

Ohh, of course! That little game that breaks friendships when someone yells at you UNO! And then you stop talking to that person like for a month. What does that game have to do with all those plastic bottles in the water?

Well, that is not the Power of the ONE that I am referring to and yes it has to do with how those bottles got there.

Let me explain:

Many of us think that as individuals were unable to achieve anything meaningful in our societies, the country that we live on or even the planet. And that is exactly how we act in almost everything:

-I am not voting. My vote is not going to change anything.

-That products has harmful chemicals that could hurt me and my family. If I stop buying it, that is not going to change anything.

-Our government representatives are proposing a new law that could impact negatively millions of people. If I protest, that is not going to change anything.

-What? Why am I going to lose my time raising my concerns against all the injustices that our fellow countries are suffering? No one is going to listen.

-If I stop using plastic bottles, that is not going to save the planet.

That my friends is the Power of the ONE in action, unconsciously and negatively.

If each of us, would take action to grow and evolve individually first on all areas of our lives, so TOGETHER we are able to co-elevate our families, friends, our societies and raise the awareness of everyone around us. That would be the beginning of improving the country we live in and the planet that we share for all of us.

Yeah, it sounds altruistic and it sounds simple. But, do you want to know something? It is that simple!

-Did you know that if only 16% of the consumers stops buying a product that would encourage a company to change its behavior, research healthier and environment friendlier alternatives? In 2009, Fruit of the Loom an international clothing manufacturer closed down its Honduran factory after its 1,800 workers announced plans to unionize. Students in the UK, USA and Canada pressured their universities not to supply Fruit of the Loom merchandise, and over 100 universities switched supplier. It was the largest clothing boycott in history and caused huge damage to Fruit of the Loom’s business and reputation. Just months later, the Honduran factory was reopened, restoring the workers’ jobs, with compensation and fairer working conditions.

-If only less than 10% of the population of a country, state, or province, would protest peacefully against a law, injustice or for their rights that would lead to a social, political and positive change.  In 1988, more than 100,000 Estonians gathered for five nights to protest Soviet rule. This was known as the Singing Revolution. In 1991 after decades under soviet rule, Estonia a country of just 1.5 Million people regained it’s independence.

If we use the Power of the ONE for the benefit of the collective instead of their destruction, we would make a significant change in the quality of life of all of us.

Food for thought, don’t you think?

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